Mercier Electric & Communications, Inc. delivers the following  security installation services to all industries including commercial, industrial, retail, educational and residential customers.

  • Design &  Implementation 
  • Service & Preventive Maintenance
  • CCTV , Access control and Intrusion integration
  • Integrated Security Platform

CCTV surveillance systems

  • IP camera security systems
  • Analog camera security systems
  • Hybrid camera security systems
  • Remote CCTV monitoring
  • Mobile Phone CCTV monitoring

Access control systems

  • Remote Access control monitoring
  • Mobile Phone Access control monitoring
  • Intrusion detection control systems
  • Vehicle entry control and protection
  • Crash Beam Barriers
  • Sliding Automatic gates
  • Parking Drop Arm Gate systems

Pedestrian entry control

  • Turnstile pedestrian barrier systems

Video door Entry Systems

Telephone Door Entry systems

Apartment intercom systems

Emergency Phones
Cellular Emergency Phone

Emergency intercoms

Mass notification

Storage Facility Management

Access control